The Great Concertos—Baroque Camerata 大競奏-巴洛克獨奏家樂團






主辦單位 : 巴洛克獨奏家樂團 

  • 2017/4/28(五) 19:30 台北松菸誠品表演廳
  • 2017/4/29(六) 19:30 高雄市音樂館演奏廳
  • 2017/4/30(日) 14:30 台中國家歌劇院中劇院








Baroque, a magnificent era, the culmination of European musical art

Listen to swift and stolid musical conversation, enjoy the sounds created by the moment of fingertip jumpping on the instruments

Baroque music is gorgeous and magnificent, reflecting the European aristocratic fashion culture and atmosphere four hundred years ago. This gorgeous influence has been ubiquitous in our lives, such as the Bach’s ” Goldberg Variation ” and the Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and so on. The word of “concerto” seems to have originated from Latin, the meaning of struggle and argument, to apply in music, the idea is that the two parts in a concerto, the soloist and the orchestra, alternate episodes of opposition, cooperation, and independence in the creation of the music flow. Soloists and the orchestra presents a not only a competitive but also a harmonious ambiguous relationship. Furthermore, the composer also challenged the soloist in playing skills. The repertoire of the performance are rare in Taiwan, requiring soloists with many special unique techniques to perfact the interpretation of music. Come and enjoy the music with new techniques and period instruments which create the new harmony and integration of the music.

Rare pianoforte music to reproduce Rococo elegance

In addition to music, the instrument is also a bright spot, Baroque Camerata will honorably present Taiwan’s rare harpsichord and pianoforte onto the stage; the harpsichord sound is rich and crisp, called solo instrument leader. The pianoforte sound is more solid and calm. The opportunity is very rare in Taiwan to see these period musical instruments, worthy of your attendance to enjoy the concert and its elegant appearance.

” The Great Concertos ” is a graceful music feast, Baroque Camerata to bring you delightful music and period musical instruments – the harpsichord and pianoforte to present delicate sounds and enjoyment by visual and auditory, to lead you travel through time , stroll in the garden of the Rococo elegance.

OrganizersBaroque Camerata

2017/04/28(Fri) 7:30PM  Taipei Eslite Performance Hall
2017/04/29(Sat) 7:30PM  Kaohsiung Music Hall
2017/04/30(Sun) 2:30PM  National Taichung Theater Playhouse



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