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You can become a member of the Alliance Française of Taiwan (AFTW) association, if you feel connected to France, French language and French speaking countries, share our values and value our missions, and if you speak French.


Being an AFTW member allows you to :

  • Be part of the General Assembly of the AFTW
  • Vote on important decisions regarding the association


To become a member you need to :

  • Agree with the terms and conditions of the membership, and be eligible
  • Fill in and send us the registration form
  • Have your application approved by the AFTW board
  • Pay your membership fees at our premises


If you wish to :

  • Know the terms and conditions of the AFTW membership
  • Receive the registration form for the AFTW membership
  • Make an appointment to come and pay you membership fees and collect your membership card

Please contact: