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The Alliance Française of Taiwan (centers of Taipei and Kaohsiung) holds several cultural courses sessions every year.


What are Cultural Courses?

Cultural courses deal with French cultural aspects, such as wine, food, cheese, cooking, etc.

They are not language courses, French language is not the purpose here.

These courses are taught in Mandarin Chinese.


Who can attend?

Anybody can attend, as long as you are interested in the subject of the course, and provided you understand perfectly Mandarin Chinese…

These courses are designed for people interested in French culture, but not necessary willing to learn the language.


When and where do these courses take place?

The cultural courses schedule varies every year, according to the calendar, the availability of the teachers, and the people interested.

New sessions, places, dates, times, contents, prices and registration periods are advertized on our Mandarin website news and events carousel and on our Facebook pages. Please follow this link.