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If you cannot attend our scheduled French courses, or if the class you wanted to attend is not available, or if you need a more specific course program and content, we can offer you a more flexible type of group course that will match your needs and expectations.

These individualized group courses are designed for small groups of 4 students and more, at our premises (intra muros), or at a place of your choice (extra muros).

The time can also be arranged at your convenience, provided that we have a teacher available when you want to have your French class.

Wether you are a group of friends, or a company looking for French classes for your employees, these courses are made for you.

We can of course define a specific course content together: French for specific purposes, occupational or academic, conversation class, written French class, French examination preparation, or any other type…

If you requirements are very specific, we can provide an advanced needs analysis and course ingineering session.

Please contact us for fees and courses arrangements, or for more details.