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French courses designed to meet your specific needs

If you cannot attend our scheduled French courses, or if the class you wanted to attend is not available, or if you need more specific course program and contents, we can offer you a more flexible type of course that will match your needs and expectations.

These individual courses are designed for 1 to 3 students, at our premises (intra muros).

The time can also be arranged at your convenience, provided that we have a teacher available when you want to have your French class.

You can choose to buy a pack of 1h, 12h, or 30h. You can also choose durations of 1h, 1h30, or 2h per lesson. The validity period of your pack depends on both the pack you purchase, and the lesson duration you choose.

*Please note that once the validity period is finished, all the remaining courses will be lost!


  • Courses at our premises (Intra Muros)

Price per student (NT$)

Validity period (in weeks)


Discount 1 student/class 2 students/class 3 students/class 1h lessons 1h30 lessons

2h lessons


0% 1,000 700 500 1 1



2.5% 5,850 4,095 2,925 8 6 5


5% 11,400 7,980 5,700 14 10



7.5% 22,200 15,540 11,100 27 19



10% 27,000 18,900 13,500 33 23 18


Course cancellation, course make-up, refunding

  • Courses should take place on the days and hours indicated on the Individual Courses Registration Form. In case you should change a day, or a time, you have to notify our offices at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can inform our teacher on time. Without this 24 hours notice, the course will be considered taken, and there will be no make up, except in the case of force majeure (disease, accident, etc.); a course make up will then be arranged, on display of the force majeure proof.
  • There is no refund possible once the first lesson has been taken. There is a 90% refund possible if the cancellation takes place at least 24 hours before the first lesson is due.
  • If your course is cancelled for reason of Government typhoon alert, a make-up course will be arranged.