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Over 250 000 000 people speak French!

Did you know?

  • With more than 200 000 000 French-speaking people, French is, one of the very few languages spoken on all 5 continents…
  • French is the 3rd language used on the Internet, after English and German.

But why should you learn French?

1. A language spoken all around the world

A community of over 250 000 000 French speakers on the 5 continents ! The Francophony regroups 68 states and governments.

2. A language to find a job

Speaking French and English is a true asset if you wish to multiply your chances of finding a great job. Being able to speak French opens the doors to French companies in France (5th commercial power and 3rd land for foreign investments) and worldwide.

3. The language of Culture

French is the international language of gastronomy, fashion, theatre, visual arts, dance and architecture.

4. A language to travel

France is the most visited country with over 70 000 000 visitors each year. French is very useful as well when traveling to Africa, Swiss, Canada, Seychelles, Tahiti…

5. A language of studies in French universities

Speaking French will give you the possibility to follow studies in France in reputed universities or Commerce and Engineering Schools, ranking along the best establishements in Europe and in the world. Students mastering French language can receive a grant from French government for their post-doctorate studies in France.

6. A language of International relations

French is at the same time the working and official language at UNO, European Union, UNESCO, NATO, Olympic International Committee, International Red Cross, … and other international legal authorities.

7. A language to open yourself to the world

After English and German, French is the 3rd language on the Internet, before Spanish. Interact with the French-speaking community on all continents and get informations through French-speaking international medias such as TV5, France 24, Radio France International.

8. A bridge to learning other european languages

Learning French helps learning other languages, mostly latin languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portugese, but also English, since it is estimated that 50% to 75% of the English vocabulary comes from French and Latin.

9. A language for both romance and analysis

Learning French also means the joy of learning a beautiful language, rich and melodic, often associated with romance and Love. French is also an accurate, flexible and subtle language, that will help you structure your thinking and develop your critical spirit. It is a very suitable language for philospophy, sciences, engineering, politics, diplomacy…