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2016 Summer intensive courses



Intended audience

  • Complete beginners
  • A1, A2, B1 levels students
  • Minimum age required : 16 years old


Students per class

Students per class : 6-16


 Sessions periods and teaching days

  • First session period: 2016/7/11 – 2016/8/5
  • Second session period : 2016/8/8 – 2016/9/2
  • One session = 16 days,  3h per day (total 48h): monday, tuesday, thursday and friday.
  • Each teaching hour is composed of 50 minutes actual teaching and 10 minutes break.


 Registration periods

  • First session period: 2016/5/14 – 2016/7/7 (early bird until 2016/6/18)
  • Second session period: 2016/5/14 – 2016/8/5 (early bird until 2016/7/16)


Courses offer

Levels Text books First session teaching schedule
Second session teaching schedule
A1-1 Agenda 1 – Jours1-2-3 9:30-12:30 14:30-17:30
A1-2 Agenda 1 – Jours 4-5-6 9:30-12:30 9:30-12:30
A1-3 Agenda 1 – Jours 7-8-9 xxx 9:30-12:30
A2-1 Agenda 2 – Jours 1-2-3 14:30-17:30 9:30-12:30
A2-2 Agenda 2 – Jours 4-5-6 xxx 14:30-17:30
B1-1 Agenda 3 – Semaines 1-2 14:30-17:30 xxx
B1-2 Agenda 3 – Semaines 3-4 xxx 14:30-17:30



  • One session: 6,800 NT$
  • Early bird: 6,400 NT$
  • First session: early bird until 2016/6/18
  • Second session: early bird until 2016/7/16
  • 10% off the normal price for all highschool and university students !
  • If you are a VIP student you are entitled to have an 10% off the normal price (12% if you are VIP and highschool or university student).
  • Text books fees: Agenda 1 = 1,184 NT$ ; Agenda 2 = 1,240 NT$; Agenda 3 = 1,320 NT$


Course cancellation, course make-up, refunding

  • Refunding : course fees refunding takes place only at our premises, during opening hours, upon display of your course purchase receipt. If you cancel your purchase before the beginning of the course (at the latest the day before your course is due to begin) you are entitled to a 90% refund. Cancellation before completion of a third of your course will entitle you to a 50% refund. Beyond the first third of your course, no refund will be granted.
  • If you decide you cannot attend the course you paid for, you cannot postpone your course to the following session. The course can only be postponed once to the following session in case of force majeure (disease, accident…). You will have to notify us, at the latest, the day before you course is due to begin and on display of the force majeure proof.
  • If, for any reason, you cannot attend the course you postponed, there will be no refund at all.
  • If you want to change the level of your course, you will have to notify us within the first two weeks of the session.
  • If, for any reason, you do not show up at one of several of your courses, no make-up course and no refund will be possible.
  • If your course is cancelled for reason of Government typhoon alert, a make-up course will be arranged.