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Culturethèque, the French Institute numeric media library

Launched in February 2013, the Culturethèque platform, developed by the French Institute in Paris and the company Archimed, is a numeric library, which allows members of the French cultural network media libraries to access numeric resources for the large audience: numeric books, press, movies, music…


Culturethèque Taiwan

You can now access the online platform Culturethèque Taiwan, which offers you, in French:
• Novels
• Magazines
• Comic books
• Music videos
• Audio files (classical music, French chanson, jazz…)
• Learner’s library
• …
The organization in charge of managing the subscriptions to Culturethèque Taiwan is the Alliance française of Taiwan (Centers of Taipei and Kaohsiung).


Registration conditions


Initial registration to Culturethèque Taiwan (free 3 weeks trial period)

You can register individually online, by following this link. A free access for three weeks to the platform will be automatically delivered to you. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email, at the address you will have provided while completing the online registration file.
The initial registration for a 3 weeks access to Culturethèque Taiwan is of your own personal initiative: the AFTW does not process this initial registration.


One year subscription to Culturethèque Taiwan

If, at the end of the free 3 weeks trial period, you wish to keep your access to the platform resources, you can visit the nearest AFTW media library center (Taipei center or Kaohsiung center), and pay a 200 NT$ fee at our premises. Your access to the Culturethèque Taiwan platform will then be extended for an additional year. You will keep the same login and password as for your initial registration.

Please note: the one year subscription service to Culturethèque Taiwan is only available for the members of the Alliance française of Taiwan media library (center of Taipei or Kaohsiung). If you wish to purchase a one year subscription to Culturethèque Taiwan, you are first required to register to the Alliance française of Taiwan media library, and must be in possession of your membership card for the media library (Taipei center or Kaohsiung center). To access information regarding the AFTW media library policy, please follow this link.