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Get your French language diploma… for life

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Diplomas issued by French Ministry of National Education

The Alliance française of Taiwan is the exclusive examination center in Taiwan for the DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française).




  • Official diploma :

The Delf and Dalf are the only official diplomas awarded by French Ministry of National Education in French as a Foreign Language.

  • Validity :ciep

The Delf and Dalf diplomas are valid for life.

  • Conformity and international reference:

The examinations are consistent with international standards for test development ( and with the CEFRL.

  • Reliability : conception, grade, assessment
    • The tests are designed and graded through very rigourous procedures : test development, grading and assessment are excusively conducted by professional staff, holders of an habilitation certificate for DELF/DALF issued during a mandatory dedicated training.
    • All 4 communicative skills are evaluated:
      • listenning
      • reading
      • writing
      • speaking / interacting
  • Access to higher education in France:

Since 2008, every holder of a DELF B2 diploma is exempted from taking a language test in order to enter a university program in France.



  • DELF / DALF Tout public: this is the most common version of the examination
  • DELF Junior: this diploma is designed for teenagers aged 12 to 18. The diploma is identical to the standard DELF diploma.
  • DELF Pro: examination contents will assess the language competences required in daily professional situations and environments. The diploma bears the mention “Option professionnelle”.
  • DELF Prim: this diploma is designed for children aged 7 to 12




  • A diploma is awarded for each stage of the CEFRL:




Several examination sessions are organized each year at the Taipei and Kaohsiung centers of the Alliance française of Taiwan.
Registration periods finish 8 weeks before the examination start, and are announced on the website.
Please be aware that all applications that are not received within registration period will be refused.

  • Specificities for each examination version:
    • DELF / DALF Tout public: any candidate, without age or nationality restrictions.
    • DELF Junior: candidates should be between 13 and 18 years old, no nationality restrictions.
    • DELF Pro: any candidate, without age or nationality restrictions
    • DELF Prim: candidates should be between 7 and 12 years old, no nationality restrictions.

Please be aware that French nationals cannot apply for the examination, except those who meet the following conditions:

– residents of a non French-speaking country
– French that are not holders of a secondary or higher education degree awarded by French state establishments

  •  Choosing your level:
    • Candidates are free to choose the level for which they wish to take the exam
    • All levels are independant and therefore it is  possible, for example, to take directly the B1 examination without having passed the A1 or A2 level.
    • Candidates can take the exam for several levels during the same session, and will be awarded the level(s) for which the results meet the satisfactory requirements.
    • A candidate can take an examination as many times as necessary until he passes. However, a candidate cannot take an examination for a level he already passed.
  •  Documents needed for registration:
    • Please read carefully the Delf-Dalf examinations rules and regulations
    • Fill in the registration form. If you wish to register for 2 different levels, please only fill in 1 registration form. Just indicate the 2 different levels you wish to register for.
    • Bring a copy of both sides of your ID card
    • Bring 2 ID photographs
    • Bring 2 stamped envelops (15NT$) at your name and address. These envelops will be used to send your convocation before the exam, and your transcript after the exam.

 * For university sessions, candidates only need send 1 envelop, for the transcript. You can collect your convocation at the French department of your university (where the examination will take place).

  • How to register
    • You can register at our premises
      • In Taipei (only if you take your exam in Taipei)
      • In Kaohsiung (only if you take your exam in Kaohsiung)
    • By mail. Thank you for enclosing all the required documents, and a postal check payable to “台灣法國文化協會”. Please send a registered letter to the center where you wish to pass the examination, within the registration period (as attested to by postmark)

* No registration will be accepted once the registration period is over.

* Once your registration is completed, you cannot get any refund or postpone your examination to the next session.



Please be aware that you will not be allowed access to the examination room and that no refund will be made in the following situations (non-exhaustive) :

  • Arriving late at the examination room, even 1 min late
  • Showing another ID than passport or national ID card
  • Showing a non-original ID document
  • Showing an ID with different names than the one used during application (as in the examination notification)

Please make sure to arrive not later than 30 minutes before examination to find the examination room.



Your examination transcript will be sent to you a month after the end of the examination session, at the latest.

After receiving your transcript, you can personnally come to our premises and get your Delf / Dalf certificate of success. You will need to bring along your transcript and a valid ID.

Your Delf / Dalf diploma will be available at the Alliance Française, 4 months after the end of the examination session. To collect your diploma, you will need a valid ID.

If you cannot come and collect your documents in person, you have 2 options :

  • Your diploma will be sent to you by mail: when you register for the examination, you need to fill in and sign this document and provide a registered stamped envelop at your name and address
  • You need to fill in a proxy, and the person in charge of collecting your diploma must provide: a copy of your ID card, a copy of his own ID card, and the proxy


** The Delf / Dalf diplomas are printed in France, and only issued once. No replacement copy will be printed if you lose yours.