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To ensure that everyone is placed in the most suitable level group, and can learn efficiently, all new students (apart from complete beginners), must have a placement test before registration for General French courses or French theme courses. In order to have you registration and placement test done smoothly, we strongly suggest an early registration.
If after the courses session has begun you wish to change to another level, you will first need your teacher’s approval. If your level change is approved, you will not have to do the placement test again.
If you wish to transfer from one center to the other (Taipei to Kaohsiung, or Kaohsiung to Taipei) between two sessions, you will not need to take the test again.

Please call our offices to book the date and time of your test

  • Taipei Center test fees: 250 NT$
  • Kaohsiung Center test fees: 150 NT$

Our placement test has two parts:

  • A written part (40 min maximum) composed of:
    • A grammar test
    • A written production task
  • An oral part (from 10 to 20 min) which is an interview with one of our teacher, during which he/she will try to assess as accurately as possible:
    • Your level in French (structure, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency…)
    • Your French learning history
    • Your motivation
    • Your goals