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Welcome to the Alliance Française of Taiwan!

Whether you are a complete beginner, you have already learnt some French, or you are an advanced level student in French, you will find a course adapted to your level.



The Alliance Française of Taiwan (centers of Taipei and Kaohsiung) is part or the 1000 Alliances Françaises network, present in around 130 countries throughout the world.
Since 1883, year of the creation of the first Alliance Française in Paris, the Alliance Française network has set the standards for French as a foreign language (FFL) teaching.



The Alliance Française of Taiwan offers a wide range of French language courses, for adults, teenagers, children, from complete beginner to advanced level.

You can choose a group class at our premises, or a private individual class, at our premises or at a place of your choice outside the Alliance (please note that for the Kaohsiung center, private individual classes are only available at our premises).

We offer general French language courses, but also many different theme courses, varying throuhout the year, according to the calendar, the teachers’ availability, and the public demand…



The Alliance Francaise of Taiwan (AFTW) puts the emphasis on an action orientated approach of French language. The teaching in our French language classes (from level A1 to level C1) aims at the student’s performance. The goal we set for your learning at the AFTW is you to be able to:

• Understand
• Write
• Read
• Speak
• Interact

… in French

In order to achieve that, our teachers will, of course, explain to you how the French language operates, make you do vocabulary, grammar exercises, and other activities, but not only, because you will understand better, learn better, by doing: you learn how to speak by speaking, you learn how to write by writing.



The teaching at the AFTW is in French : but do not worry if you are a complete beginner, our teachers know how to adapt their level of speech and make sure you understand! We encourage you to use French as much as possible during the classes, but if really needed, another language can be used to help you.

The levels of our French language courses, exactly match the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).
Once you have completed an A1 level course at the AFTW, you possess, in principle, the linguistic skills and competences required to pass a DELF A1 (or an A1 level TCF), and it goes the same way for levels A2, B1, B2, C1…


THE AFTW CURRICULUM (centers of Taipei and Kaohsiung):

 Level N of hours  Week sessions Weekend sessions Approximate duration week courses Approximate duration weekend courses  
A1 144 3 6 6 months 12 months
A2 144 3 6 6 months 12 months
B1 288 6 12 12 months 24 months
B2 240 5 10 10 months 20 months
C1 288 6 12 12 months 24 months


The Alliance Francaise of Taiwan wishes you a great French language learning experience!